Coporate Video Wall

Learn how you can empower your employees and improve work efficiencies through digital signage.

From Digital Conference Room Displays to interactive touch screens and video walls, the corporate world is widely adopting many platforms of Digital Signage. Many corporations are beginning to learn how impactful digital signage can be for the workplace. Digital conference room displays for the purpose of displaying up to the minute meeting room information can be a valuable asset in any business environment. Through this type of synchronization and data interface, the corporate world can operate more efficiently in an informed environment.

In addition to Digital Conference Room Displays, many corporations are adding interactive touch screen devices throughout various marketing departments, cafeterias, waiting areas, and/or reception desks.  With the latest touch screen technology from Digital Minds, corporations can create a custom touch screen experience to promote brand awareness, new products and impressionable content for visitors. While touch screen applications can offer that wow experience, Video Walls can make a statement your visitors remember. With zero bezel commercial grade LCD or LED panels, your business can create a seamless video wall presentation to welcome guests or make announcements. With Video Walls, businesses can promote their identity in style and dramatic fashion.

Did you ever walk up to a conference room and wonder if it was available? Wonder no more – an emerging technology that is taking the corporate world by storm is the integration of Digital Meeting Room Displays located outside of conference rooms displaying meeting room information. The displays easily integrate with Microsoft Exchange and display real-time event information both current and/or future meetings. Customize the look and the feel of the screens to brand your look and message. Along with meeting room information the screens can be used to display corporate message for the Human Resources department. Messages can include reminders on Open Enrollment to business events and training reminders. With Digital Meeting Room Displays at your facility your operations will improve and your message will be placed in the eyes of your employees.

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