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restaurant digital menu boards

Opening a restaurant or café can be one of the most risky ventures to pursue. Touchquest helps turn that risk into reward with Digital Menu Boards. Digital Menu Boards are not only a modern design method that will grab the attention of your customers, they also are a time saving, user friendly tool, that will ultimately help cut costs and boost sales. Changing prices, menu photos, or video specials has never been easier. Adding Touchquest Digital Menu Boards gives you the freedom and accessibility to instantly control your menu. Remotely adjust items based on availability, season, or time of day. Change the entire menu from breakfast, to lunch, to dinner with the simple push of a button. Have the ability to add or drop menu items without ever having to adjust or change out a static menu board again. TQ Digital Menu Boards are optimal for daily specials and other constantly changing menu items.

TQ Digital Menu Boards allow your operation to reduce print costs, and eliminate the time necessary to update static signs as menus change. With TQ Menu Board Software, each establishment can remotely update content with a user-friendly, online interface. TQ Digital Menu Boards gives you the convenience, flexibility, and creativity to present your businesses menu in an accurate and appealing fashion.

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