Retail / Shopping Malls


As more and more consumers become familiar with interactive self-service technology, touch screens & digital signage is quickly becoming a new standard for Retail & Shopping Malls. From large format interactive touch screens to small displays at point of purchase, digital platforms can immediately enhance the guest experience of customers and provide content rich information. Digital signage content such as interactive maps, way-finding, mall directories, tenant logos, store promotions, specials, announcements, season greetings, QR codes, daily deals and all types of informational content can be updated most efficiently via a digital platform.

Web-based software offers much more management capabilities to corporate, mall operators and retail tenants as opposed to static signs. Not only can digital signage be remotely accessible and updated anytime but the platform offers endless real-estate of content compared to static signs where information can be limited. Digital Signage & Interactive Technology allows mall operators and retail brands an improved medium to gain visual appeal while promoting products, services and informational content.

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