Boarding Pass Stations

Boarding Pass Kiosks

Provide easy boarding pass print services with TQ’s boarding pass solutions. Fast, easy to use, and remotely monitored to ensure that your service is connected and working properly. Guests can save time by printing their boarding passes on-site which will give visitors more time to spend at the property and more importantly, remind your guests of the great experience they had staying at your hotel. Boarding Pass Stations allow visitors to quickly access their web check-in. Services include a custom browser to lock down your service and ensure users are utilizing a dedicated service and not surfing the web. Solutions can be customized to match the required space and match your lobby décor.

Internet and power are required. Additional Features include: news, weather, custom main page, and property logo. Available in floor, desk, and wall mount configurations.

Features / Benefits

  • Added Convenience
  • Make Travel Easy
  • Enhanced Services
  • Variety of Hardware Options

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