Menu Boards by TouchQuest & ViewSonic

Digital Menu Boards

  • Create dynamic and attractive menu items
  • Avoid manually updating static signs
  • Quickly introduce new products
  • Publish Nutritional Content
  • Promote Specials
  • Increase Sales
  • Reduce Print Costs

Why Digital Menu Boards?

Whether it is for your cafeteria or restaurant, Digital Menu Boards allow you to create dynamic and attractive menu items in a digital format. Digital Menu Boards allow you to engage a customer’s attention at a success rate much higher than traditional signs. Digital Menu Boards are much more efficient when promoting specials, updating price, and publishing nutritional content. As more and more businesses compete by making modernization improvements, digitalizing menu boards are rapidly becoming a standard in the industry.

Save on Printing Costs and Go Digital

Digital Menu Boards allow your operation to reduce print costs and the unnecessary time it takes to manually update static signs each time your menu changes. Menu items for sale could be changed based on inventory, season, or current events. With Digital Menu Boards, new products can be introduced quickly and effectively. Save money and staff hours by not spending thousands of dollars for printed signs when you can invest in a stronger, more strategic infrastructure when displaying menu items.

Remote Management Solution

With TQ Menu Board Software, your establishment can remotely update content with a user-friendly, online interface. TQ Digital Menu Boards gives you the convenience, flexibility, and creativity to present your businesses menu in an accurate and appealing fashion. Digital Menu Boards are not only a modern design method that will grab the attention of your customers, they also are a time saving, user friendly tool, that will ultimately help cut costs and boost sales.

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