Data Interfaces & Integration

digital signage interfaces

A successful Digital Signage implementation brings life to the ambiance of your installation and attracts customers to engage with relevant content and functionality. The customization of the screens allows the look and feel to fit with your property and reflect the brand and image you work hard to represent. Along with the look and feel there are key data components that are tied to your operations such as event information. At TouchQuest, we provide digital signage data interfaces into the most current and commonly used event management systems including Delphi, Opera and Microsoft Exchange.

Our custom interfaces are carefully created and managed to work with your existing systems so that your communications are enhanced without a need to change your operations. The TouchQuest software allows you to set up sorts and filters from your scheduling software so that the information is relevant for your audience.

A few Event Management programs

  • Delphi
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Outlook Exchange

Along with integration into your event management system our custom interfaces department can create a custom plugin into your existing system though web services, XML, CSV and additional data formats. The integration allows you to manage your data through your existing system but display it across your digital signage network in a presentable format.

If you do not see your scheduling software or have a data source you are interested in incorporating into your digital signage contact us so that we may assist you through the interface process.

TouchQuest has also developed partnerships with various data source providers which include weather, news, sports scores, stock markets and more. In both RSS and MRSS formats your screen can have a fresh look at all times. With MRSS you have the ability to display images and videos corresponding to the news and weather and incorporate the information into your displays. Contact us for more information regarding the various data sources.

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