Video Walls

Video Walls

Make a Statement with Video Walls from TouchQuest. TQ has built direct relationships with leading manufacturers of zero bezel displays, engineered specially for video wall implementations. Video walls are sure to create an experience your viewers will remember. Incorporate in-house graphics and branding elements with custom screen arrangements and combinations resulting in a stylishly branded high performance video wall that fits your budget. Video wall solutions can display a single image, and/or video across all screens, or can allocate any combination of inputs within individual screens.

Video walls are robust and dynamic, enabling a variety of digital media content for a wide variety of audiences. Many industries and markets are adapting to video walls. Industries such as media, entertainment, sporting venues, retail, restaurants, museums, casinos and hospitality are common clients for these types of installs. We are dedicated to understanding your requirements and qualified to provide you a custom solution to meet your needs.

Our software allows you to control your video wall from any computer. With predefined templates or the ability to create your own layouts video walls can have endless possibilities. Provide the wow factor with your message and incorporate a video wall into your space.

Features / Benefits

  • Create a Wow Experience
  • Create Endless Layouts with Software
  • Chic, Sleek, and Stylish
  • Engage your Audience
  • Seamless Bezel
  • Modern Display Technology
  • Variety of Controller Options
  • Panel Options Available

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